No. 1129 - Ulverstone - Seventh-Day Adventist Church (1989)

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church was established in Tasmania in 1888. The denomination originated in the USA in the 1860s and as early as 1885 a group of Adventists travelled to Australia and began preaching in Melbourne. Following the establishment of a church in Melbourne in 1886 the group moved on to Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart. Public tent meetings were held in Sandy Bay in 1888 which led to the establishment of a church at Collinsvale and later at Hobart and at Launceston.

The first Adventist church at Ulverstone was formed in 1959. A church was built on Queen Street in West Ulverstone which remained in use until 1989 when the last service was held in June of that year. A new church was built on South Road in West Ulverstone which remains active. The old church was converted into a gymnasium in the early 1990s.



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