No. 1139 - Scottsdale - St Patrick's Catholic Church "The Log Cabin Church" (1978-1992)

Scottsdale is the largest town in north-east Tasmania. It is named after the Government Surveyor, James Scott, who explored the region in the 1850’s.

Scottsdale's first Catholic church opened in 1886 and was consecrated in the following year. In 1909 the building was moved to a new site to the north of the town. St Patrick's was reopened and rededicated on 30 January 1910.

In 1978 the church was demolished and replaced by the “Log Cabin” church which opened in the same year. The altar and other items from the old church were moved to the new building.

The new church was opened by archbishop Guilford Young on 10 December 1978. The unique church was constructed of locally grown pine and built with volunteer labour.

In December 1992 disaster struck when Advent candles accidentally left alight resulted in a fire that engulfed and destroyed the building. Mass was held in Scottsdale’s C.W.A. Hall until the present church was built and opened in September 1994.

St Patrick's Catholic Church c.1978. Photograph courtesy of the the Archdiocese of Hobart


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