No. 1175 - South Hobart - St George the Martyr Greek Orthodox Church (1958)

South Hobart’s Greek Orthodox Church is Byzantine style building located on Antill Street close to Fitzroy Gardens. In the 1950s and early 1960s numerous Greek migrants arrived in Tasmania as a result of Australia's new immigration policy and the signing of a major immigration agreement with Greece in 1952. It was not long before the growing community acquired a place of worship.

The original church was a modest brick hall built by volunteer labour in the 1950s. The land was donated by the Casimaty brothers, members of a prominent Greek family. Construction began in 1957 and the building was consecrated in 1958.

In the 1980s the hall was expanded with addition of two transepts and a dome was added transforming the building in a Byzantine style Greek church.

Commemoration stone marking the church's extension.

A view of the church taken from the church's website (see links below)

The original church hall built in 1957 - Photo: ABC News 

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