No. 1182 - Launceston - Balfour Street - Exclusive Brethren Hall (1961)

The Exclusive Christian Brethren, now known as the Plymouth Brethren, originated in Plymouth, Great Britain, in the 1820s. In the mid 19th century the Christian Brethren became established in Australia. The 'Exclusive Brethren' is a restrictive group which broke away from the original Christian Brethren in 1848.

In October 1960, Launceston City Council approved an application by the Exclusive Brethren to build a church designed by Clarry Prior at 8 Balfour Street . The hall still exists but has been converted into a residence.

Prior to the construction of the Balfour Street Hall, the Brethren worshipped at the Price Memorial Hall. The Plymouth Brethren have since built a church on Lantana Street, Newstead. This was built in 1995, replacing another hall which had to be demolished due to structural problems.

The former Exclusive (Plymouth) Brethren Hall at 8 Balfour Street

The hall in 2018 after its conversion into a house. (Google street view)


Launceston Churches of the 20th Century, Launceston Historical Society (pamphlet), 1996


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