No. 1186 - Snug - St John's Anglican Church (1969)

Snug is situated on the Channel Highway, approximately 25 kilometres south of Hobart. The name is believed to have come from sailors who found 'snug' anchorage for their ships.

St John’s is the second Anglican church built at Snug, replacing an earlier church lost in the 1967 bushfires. In 1969 a new brick church designed by Harry Oldmeadow was built at a cost of $28000. The church was consecrated in April 1969. A cross made from burnt timber salvaged from the old church was placed in the church.

St John’s has been deconsecrated and is rented to Snug Christian Church. The Anglican Diocese has entered an agreement with the neighbouring aged care facility, Christian Homes, for the sale of the church by 2023.

St John's at Snug - Photo: Snug Christian church


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