No. 1190 - Tarraleah - St Barnabas United Church

Tarraleah is a former Hydro Electric Commission village located in the mountains between Hobart and Queenstown. Built in the 1930s, it was home to over 500 workers and was the heart of Tasmania's hydro-electricity projects. It is now a privately owned a holiday village and tourist centre.

St Barnabas’ was the second church built at Tarraleah following the construction of a Catholic church in 1953. St Barnabas was a Hydro-Electric Commission United Church used by Anglicans, Methodists and other Protestant denominations.

St Barnabas’ has closed as a place of worship. It is now called ‘Highland Church’ and it is used as a private chapel for weddings.

Photo: Joe Cocozza (2009) Flickr

Photo: Joe Cocozza (2009) Flickr


Henslowe, Dorothea I. and Hurburgh, Isa.; Our heritage of Anglican churches in Tasmania / by Dorothea I. Henslowe; sketches by Isa Hurburgh, 1978


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