No. 1191 - Lindisfarne - St Cuthbert's Church and School (1938)

Lindisfarne is an eastern shore suburb within the Greater Hobart area. It is named after "Lindisfarne House", a property situated in the adjoining suburb of Rosny. The area was originally known as Beltana but this was changed to Lindisfarne in 1903.

Until the mid 1930s, Catholics at Lindisfarne were were served from St Joseph’s, Hobart. Monsignor Cullen used to cross the Derwent by ferry and then visited the Bellerive-Lindisfarne area on a bicycle.

In 1935, Father Francis Kent was appointed to the Richmond parochial district, which embraced Bellerive and other centres on the eastern side of the Derwent. It was under Father Francis Kent’s leadership that a two roomed convent school was built at Lindisfarne on a site opposite the local State school. The school doubled as a church with Mass celebrated once a month. On other Sundays, Lindisfarne and East Risdon Catholics would travel to Corpus Christi at Bellerive; which was a long walk for those who did not have cars.

St Cuthbert’s Church-school was opened on 10 April 1938 by Archbishop Simonds. The Mercury published a brief report of the occasion:

“A comparison between Lindisfarne, near Hobart, and the original island of Lindisfarne off the north-east coast of England, was made by the Archbishop in blessing the recently-constructed St. Cuthbert's Church and school at Lindisfarne…. Father Kent said the cost of the building was less than £450, and the school would open after Easter. The support which had been given augured well for the future of the parish. St. Aidan, who founded the See of the Island of Lindisfarne, began work in a wooden building, said the Archbishop. St. Cuthbert, because of his sanctity, learning and episcopal zeal, was the particular glory of the island of Lindisfarne, and it was appropriate that the new church, had been dedicated to his memory. Moreover, as St. Cuthbert's best friend was St. Herbert, the hermit of the Derwent Waters, it was especially fitting that the banks of Lindisfarne were washed by the waters of the-River Derwent”.

St Cuthbert’s Catholic School was run by the Presentation Sisters. The first principal, Sister Genevieve Mary Wood had an enrolment of 32 students.

In 1951 further land for the school-church was was donated by Mrs Mary Hollingsworth. The original St Cuthbert’s was located on the same site as the present school.

St Cuthbert’s served as Lindisfarne's Catholic church until 1967 when the Church of the Incarnation was built on Bay Road.

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