No. 1196 - South Launceston - Potters House Christian Fellowship Church (1986)

Potters House Christian Fellowship is a Pentecostal church based in the United States of America. It was established in Arizona in 1970 by Wayman Mitchell.

In 1978 the Fellowship “planted” its first overseas church in Perth, Western Australia. The Potters House Christian Fellowship has over 3000 churches worldwide

The Potters House church at Launceston was established by Pastor Greg and Lisa Mitchell in 1986. The church has operated from various premises including the former C T Finney Memorial Chapel on Cameron Street and more recently in the former Charles Street School Hall on the corner of Canning Street.

In 2020 the Fellowship purchased the former St Mark’s Anglican church on Hobart Road.

Potters Hill Christian Fellowship Church acquired St Mark's Anglican church in 2020

The former Charles Street School Hall which was used by the Potters House Fellowship until 2020.

Sources and useful links:

Launceston Churches of the 20th Century, Launceston Historical Society (pamphlet), 1996


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