No. 1206 - Taroona - Presbyterian Church (1950)

Located on the Western shore of the Derwent River, Taroona is an outer southern suburb of Greater Hobart which lies within the Kingston municipality. The name ‘taroona’ is a Mouheneener word for chiton, a marine mollusc found on rocks in the intertidal regions of the foreshore. The name ‘Taroona’ was adopted by Clarendon James Cox Lord for his 18-acre property which he purchased in 1894.

In 1948 the Presbyterian Church decided to establish a church at Taroona. The disused St Barnabas’ Anglican church at Gray, near St Marys, was purchased for a sum of £110 and was cut up and transported to Taroona. It was re-erected on a site at 1 Taroona Crescent donated by the Watkins family. The church was officially opened on Sunday 30 April 1950. A report published in the Mercury described the opening ceremony:

“The new Presbyterian Church at Taroona was opened yesterday by the Moderator of the Tasmanian Presbyterian Church (the Rev. C. Y. Reid). In a simple ceremony, Mr. Reid knocked on the door of the new church, and was admitted by Mr. G. Spong. The choir and congregation then entered the church, and assisted in the dedication service. The Commissioner of the Presbyterian Church in Tasmania (the Rev. J. C. Jones), gave the sermon, and the Rev. H. Shepherd, of St. Stephen's Church, Sandy Bay, read the lesson”.

“The church will be for the use of both Presbyterian and Church of England adherents, and will be used during the week by the Education Department as a pre-school centre. The building was cut in sections and transported from St. Marys, and was re-erected at Taroona by voluntary labour, under the supervision of the Extension Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Tasmania. Purchase money was provided by the Victorian Presbyterian Church, free of interest”.

In 1954 Taroona’s Methodist congregation was invited to share use of the Presbyterian church. Consequently services were conducted by the two congregations on alternative weeks. The combined congregations became known as the Taroona United Congregation.

In 1977, following the creation of the Uniting Church, a new church was erected on the Taroona Crescent site. In 1985 the old Presbyterian church was demolished.

Taroona Presbyterian Church - Photo: Amy Acton

The Mercury, May 1950

St Barnabas Anglican Church at Gray, was removed to Taroona in 1949 - Photo: Weekly Courier 1908

The Mercury, April 1948


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Taroona Historical Group.  Taroona, 1808-1986 : farm lands to a garden suburb / written by past and present residents of Taroona  Taroona Historical Group [Taroona, Tas.]  1988


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