No. 1210 - Battery Point - Independent Sunday School and Chapel (1850-1866)

Battery Point is an historical inner suburb on the east side of Hobart, fronting onto the Derwent River. The suburb’s name is derived from Mulgrave Battery was established in the 1818 for coastal defence purposes.

In 1850 an Independent Chapel and Sunday school was built on Hampden Road. The school was established in 1848 by the Brisbane street Congregational Church. It was a small building based on a classical design.

A brief article published in the Hobart Courier makes mention of the official opening on Thursday 7 February 1850:

“The Independent Church of Brisbane-street opened a new school-house at Battery point, which they have lately erected in that locality at a cost of £ 250. About 4 o’clock p.m. some 70 Sabbath-school children assembled, and were regaled with tea and cake, after which the friends of the school took tea together. The Rev. F. Miller presided”.

The debt on the building was extinguished in 1854 following a “Christmas Tea Meeting” where £40 was raised.

In 1866 the school was replaced by a new building designed by architect Francis Butler, who also designed the Brisbane Street Congregation Church.

Butler's architectural drawings show the old Sunday school and Chapel situated on the eastern side of the new building. It was probably used as a part of the new school until its demolition at a later date.

A detail taken from Francis Butler's architectural drawing of 1866 which shows the original Sunday School and Chapel

Francis Butler's 1866 plan for the new Battery Point Sunday school and Chapel. Source:


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