No. 1217 - Paradise - Gospel Hall (1916)

Paradise is a rural district approximately 8 kilometres south of Sheffield. Its original name was ‘Reuben Austen's Paradise’, after one of the first settlers, who remarked upon seeing the sun glistening on a picturesque mountain vista: "This is Paradise.”

This ‘blog entry’ is one of a series of articles about places of worship which are barely represented in the historical record. Often no images of these buildings have survived. My hope is that these brief articles may result in further information and photographs coming to light thus enabling a more complete history to be preserved.

In August 1916 an old Christian Brethren Gospel Hall at nearby Beulah was removed to the small settlement at Paradise. The building was dismantled and loaded onto wagons moved in sections across the Dasher River. It was then transported along the old Paradise Road where it was reassembled on a corner of George Morse’s farm.

In August 1923 the Gospel Hall was “turned over” in a violent storm and “considerably damaged”. In February 1924 the Launceston Examiner reported that work on a new hall had begun:

“Mr. J. Sellers, of Sheffield, has started to build a new hall for the Christian Brethren, to replaced the one that was destroyed by wind some time ago”.

The new hall was completed within a few months and a Sunday school was established in September 1925. The subsequent history of the Gospel Hall is not recorded in any detail although the building was still used for worship until the 1950s. I have yet to establish the date of the hall’s closure. After its closure the hall was moved to Sheffield where it was placed behind the Bible Chapel on High Street. 

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