No. 1226 - Taroona - Korean Presbyterian Church (2017)

Located on the Western shore of the Derwent River, Taroona is an outer southern suburb of Greater Hobart which lies within the Kingston municipality. The name ‘taroona’ is a Mouheneener word for chiton, a marine mollusc found on rocks in the intertidal regions of the foreshore. The name ‘Taroona’ was adopted by Clarendon James Cox Lord for his 18-acre property which he purchased in 1894.

The Korean Presbyterian Church was located in Taroona’s former Baptist church located on the Channel Highway. The building dates back to 1984 when it replaced a timber church built in 1953.

There are Korean Presbyterian churches in most of Australia’s major cities. The denomination is amongst the largest Christian group in South Korea with approximately 10 million adherents.

Little is known about the Taroona Korean Presbyterian Church, whose tenancy of the former Baptist church began in 2017. The congregation has recently relocated to 1 Taroona Crescent.

Photo: Harcourts Hobart

Photo: Harcourts Hobart


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