No. 1230 - Legana - Regis Chapel

This is one of a series of brief articles which provide a simple record of chapels associated with institutions such as aged care facilities. Historically, most aged-care and nursing homes were established by religious denominations. Therefore most had a chapel built that was associated with the founding denomination. In more recent times few private aged care facilities continued the practice of providing non-denominational chapels for residents.

Legana is a dormitory town 12 kilometres north of Launceston and situated within the West Tamar municipal area. Legana’s Regis aged-care home is owned by Regis Healthcare, one of the largest aged-care operators in Australia. The Legana home was originally established and operated by Presbyterian Care Tasmania.

The Legana chapel is a modern brick octagonal shaped building with a raised turret situated in the centre of the roof. The chapel is non-denominational and served by the local clergy.


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