No. 1249 - Ulverstone - Alexandra Road Gospel Hall (1940-1952)

Ulverstone is a large town on the banks of the River Leven on north west coast of Tasmania. In the early days the area was known as ‘The Leven’ until it was changed to Ulverstone in the 1850s. The area was permanently settled by Europeans in the late 1840s after Andrew Risby developed farmland out of the thickly forested wilderness. Over 20 churches established at Ulverstone since the town was established.

Information about the Ulverstone Gospel Church is derived from a souvenir booklet printed by the Ulverstone History Museum to celebrate the town’s sesquicentenary in 2002:

“Local businessman Stephen Margetts, held the first services at his home. Later meetings were held at the homes of Henry Forward and C.E. Elliot and in the Gaiety Hall, Main Street. The first permanent building in Alexandra Road opened in 1940.”

The Gospel Hall was associated with Christian Brethren who became established at Ulverstone in the early 1930s. In 1952 a new hall was built in Amherst Street, West Ulverstone. The original hall still exists and has been converted into business premises.

Ulverstone Gospel Hall - Ulverstone History Museum


Ulverstone History Museum.  Ulverstone sesqui-centenary celebrations souvenir 1852-2002 / Ulverstone History Museum  Sesqui-Centenary Book Committee, Ulverstone History Museum Ulverstone, Tas  2002


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