No. 1281 - St Helens - St Helens Christian Fellowship

St Helens is the largest town on Tasmania’s east coast. It was established as a fishing village and whaling station in the 1830s. When tin was discovered in the hinterland in the 1870s, St Helens was developed as a port for the mines. It was named by Captain Furneaux after a town of the same name on the Isle of Wight, England. In the 19th century the St Helens district was also referred to as Georges Bay.

St Helen’s Christian Fellowship is an independent pentecostal church established in the 1980s. Worship initially took place in local homes and was later held in the State school and St Helens Memorial Hall. In about 1990 a property was purchased on Cecilia Street which was converted into a church. The church was dedicated on 19 March 1991.

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