No. 1284 - West Pine - Methodist church (1930-1933)

West Pine is a small rural community situated midway between Ulverstone and Burnie and approximately 8 kilometres south west of Penguin. Situated west of Pine Road the area was called "Pine Road West" but was locally known as"West Pine”, which was eventually the name officially adopted.

West Pine’s Methodist church was a short-lived congregation which used the West Pine Presbyterian church for almost three years. The first West Pine Presbyterian church was removed from Penguin in 1905 but was blown down in a storm in 1910. This was replaced by a new church in 1911.

In May 1930 the Advocate reported:

“The Presbyterian Church, which has been closed for some time, is to be used by the Methodists. The Presbyterians have generously allowed the building to be used by the Methodists without charge, which is greatly appreciated. It is understood further negotiations will be made at the end of three months”.

This arrangement was extended and the Methodists continued to use the church until February 1933. The Advocate reported:

“For the past three years the Presbyterian Church at West Pine has been used by the Methodist Church for periodical services. This arrangement has now been terminated, and the final service, which will be held tomorrow [Sunday 19 February] will be the harvest festival".

The end of the Methodists' tenure of the building ended as the congregation was too small to warrant further services. The Presbyterians did not reopen the church and the building was sold in 1941. The church was removed to a site near Howth on the Bass Highway where the timbers were used in the construction of a house. The church’s furnishings were taken to a new Presbyterian church built on Abbott Street in the Launceston suburb of Newstead.

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