No. 1316 - Ulverstone - Faith Christian Church (1972)

Ulverstone is a large town on the banks of the River Leven on north west coast of Tasmania. In the early days the area was known as ‘The Leven’ until it was changed to Ulverstone in the 1850s. Over 20 churches established at Ulverstone since the town was established.

The Faith Christian Church was a Pentecostal church active in Ulverstone for about 30 years. The following information is taken from the publication; ’Ulverstone Sesqui-Centenary Celebrations Souvenir’:

“Pastor Barry Hill from Devonport Assemblies of God started an outreach at Ulverstone in February, 1972. Meetings were held at the Ulverstone Rest Rooms until 1977 when the property at 21 Risby street was purchased. The existing house was moved to the rear of the block and converted into meeting rooms with kitchen and toilet facilities. Extensions were carried out in the mid 1980s with final alterations undertaken in 1997-98.

The church was previously known as the Ulverstone Faith Centre before changing its name to the Faith Christian Church Ulverstone. The church no longer operates and the site has been developed for housing. The Faith Christian Church in Devonport is still active.

Faith Christ Church - Google Street-view 2010


Ulverstone History Museum. Ulverstone sesqui-centenary celebrations souvenir 1852-2002 / Ulverstone History Museum Sesqui-Centenary Book Committee, Ulverstone History Museum Ulverstone, Tas 2002


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