No. 1339 - East Devonport Uniting Church

East Devonport’s former Uniting Church is the third church built at the Cross Street site. The first Methodist church that was built in 1858 was replaced by a larger gothic style weatherboard church in 1883. This building was demolished to make way for a brick 1960s style church.

In 1977 the East Devonport Methodist Church became a part of the new Uniting Church. A decline in membership in the 1980s resulted in the church’s closure and sale in the early 1990s. The building is now used as Baptcare Orana Respite and Social Centre.

The photograph used in this article is taken from Google 'street-view'. I have yet to locate photographs of the building before its closure in the 1990s.

East Devonport Uniting Church, now Baptcare Orana Respite and Social Centre. (Google street-view)


The Advocate, 21 January 2015.


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