No. 1353 - Raminea - St Bartholomew's Anglican Church (1915-1967)

Raminea is a small settlement on the Huon Highway about 5 kilometres south west of Dover. It was once the site of a large sawmill About a kilometre from Raminea was Strathblane where another large mill operated. In 1889 a Congregational church was built midway between Raminea and Strathblane and in 1915 an Anglican church was built Raminea.

Little information is available about St Bartholomew’s Anglican church which was opened and dedicated on Sunday 22 August 1915. Hobart’s Daily Post published a brief report about the ceremony:

“The Church of England was officially opened on Sunday last, Archdeacon Whitington, assisted by Rev. May, conducting both morning and afternoon services. There were large congregations. The church was dedicated and named St Bartholomew. The offertories amounted to £3/5/3. and were in aid of the church fund. Special singing was given by the Dover choir, assisted by the local choir, and many visitors attended from Dover”.

There are no descriptions of the church which was a small weatherboard building. The church was extended in the 1930s and a number of fairs were held to raise funds for this cause. These were held in neighbouring Strathblane. In May 1935 the Huon and Derwent Times reported:

“A most successful fair was held at Strathblane by the Church of England Women’s Guild on Saturday last, in aid of completing their church, and which benefited to the amount of £28. Mrs H.D. King was secretary and Mrs A.C. Smith treasurer…”.

Beyond this date there is little further information about the church. Dorothea Henslowe’s ‘Our heritage of Anglican churches in Tasmania’ states that the church was destroyed in the 1967 bushfires and was not replaced.

Raminea in the 1930s. Photo: W .J. Rowlands - The Mercury 1934


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