No. 1361 - Hobart - Jane Franklin Hall - Non-denominational Chapel (1960-1970)

Jane Franklin Hall was an independent non-denominational residential college of the University of Tasmania. It is situated on Elboden Street, South Hobart. It was founded by the Tasmanian Council of Churches in 1950 as a residential college for women before becoming co-educational in 1973. The College adopted the name of Jane Lady Franklin who was an enthusiastic patron of the arts and education. Her husband was the famous but ill-fated arctic explorer Sir John Franklin, who was the sixth Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen's Land.

The College was a non-denominational Christian institution supported by chaplains of various churches. Religious services were held on a verandah before a chapel was built in 1960. The chapel, an unpainted wooden Scandinavian style building, was designed by Dr. Edith Emery.

Jane Franklin Hall no longer has any association with the Christian tradition. The Chapel was removed to Baden in 1970. I have been unable to find a photograph of the chapel before it was removed to Baden. The photograph used was taken at Baden shortly before the building was demolished.

A link to an article about Dr. Edith Emery can be read <HERE>.

Jane Franklin Hall - photo:

The Chapel at Baden before it was recently demolished. Photo: Colin Chick

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