No. 1385 - Cygnet - Enjoy Church Huon Valley

Cygnet is a small coastal town on the Channel Highway situated about 70 kilometres south of Hobart. It is named after the adjacent bay of Port Cygnet which was 'discovered' by D'Entrecasteaux and named ‘Port des Cygne’ (meaning the harbour of swans). The settlement was known as Port Cygnet until 1895 when it was changed to Lovett. In 1915 the town’s name was changed again becoming Cygnet

The ‘Enjoy Church Huon Valley’ is located on Mary Street. It was previously known as the Huon Valley Christian Life Centre which dates back to 1985. The Enjoy Church was established in Melbourne in 1998. Historically the church has been associated with Australian Christian Churches, formerly Assemblies of God in Australia.

The photograph used in this article was taken in 2023 by Derek Flannery for the “Australia’s Christian Heritage” website. Further photos of the church can be viewed in the link provided in ‘Sources”.

Photographer: Derek Flannery-  “Australia’s Christian Heritage” website.

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