No. 1388 - Montrose - Embassy Church (2013)

Montrose is northern suburb of Hobart situated on the north side of the Glenorchy. It is named after the property Montrose, owned by Robert Littlejohn who is believed to have been born in Montrose in Scotland.

The Embassy Church is one of a growing number of newly established churches that operate from hired premises and which often choose not to build their own place of worship. Some of these church communities are short-lived while others are more enduring. The Embassy Church dates back to 2013 and the community has met at a number of venues, including the Glenorchy Civic Centre. It is currently meets the Montrose High School on Foreshore Drive.

The church is part of the International Network of Churches (INC) Australia. INC Australia was formerly known as the Christian Outreach Centre (COC), an Australian network of Pentecostal churches, mostly based in Queensland. It was established in 1974 what is now Citipointe Church in Brisbane. The church states that it is committed to biblical Christianity, with both the Apostles' Creed and Nicene Creed as its foundational beliefs. Over 120 churches are associated with INC with the Embassy Church being the only Tasmanian member of the network.

Montrose High School is currently the home of the Embassy Church

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