No. 1409 - Weegena - Anglican Church (1960-1966)

Weegena is a rural area approximately 20 kilometres northwest of Deloraine following the road from Dunorlan. The area was previously known as Blackmore before the name Weegena was adopted in the 1920s.

In the 1960s an Anglican church was established in the former Brookhead State school at Weegena. The original school, which was established in 1873, was replaced by a new building in 1908. The school operated for 80 years before it closed in 1953.

After the school’s closure the building was acquired by the Deloraine Council. From 1960 it was used as an Anglican church. The building was officially dedicated in April 1963. Due to a declining population the church only functioned for a short period and closed in November 1966.

Since the 1960s the former school building has been used as the Weegena Community Hall.

The Weegena Community Hall, previously Brookhead State school and an Anglican church: Photograph: Weegena Community Hall Facebook page (2017)

The Weegena Roll of Honour is housed in the hall. Photograph: Arthur Garland 


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