No. 1421 - Rosebery - Eternal Life Church

Rosebery is a mining town located on the Murchison Highway approximately 60 kilometres north of Queenstown. The town’s name is taken from a mine pegged out by Tom McDonald in 1893. He named it the Rosebery Gold Mining Company after the Prime Minister of England, Lord Rosebery.

At Rosebery’s peak all of the main religious denominations were active in the town. The town now only has a Catholic church and an independent Protestant church.

Rosebery Eternal Life Church is a small church that was formed in October of 2022. It is non-denominational Protestant church which meets at Rosebery Community House on Agnes Street. The church was previously known as the Rosebery Christian Fellowship which described itself as a congregation of ‘conservative non-denominational evangelical Christian believers’.

The Eternal Life Church meets at Rosebery Community House

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