No. 1432 - Flowerpot - Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church (1917-1967)

Flowerpot is a rural settlement located about 30 kilometres south of Kingston. The name ‘Flowerpot’ was used as early as the 1840s and it was named after ‘Flowerpot Rock’ near Jetty Road.

Very little is known about the only church built at Flowerpot. Several newspaper reports gave notice of the ceremonial laying the church’s foundation stone and opening which took place on Sunday 11 November 1917. Hobart’s Daily Post reported:

“The foundation stone of the new Catholic Church which is to be built at Flower-Pot, situated midway between Woodbridge and Middleton, is to be laid on Sunday afternoon next…Father Kinsella, of New South Wales, is to perform the ceremony. The s.s. Cartela is making an excursion to Port Esperance, via South Arm and Channel ports, on Sunday…”.

There is no published report describing the church’s opening. 

Our Lady Queen of Peace was one of two dozen churches destroyed in bushfires which swept across southern Tasmania in 1967. In 2007 a memorial plaque was erected at the site of the church which stood alongside the Flowerpot cemetery. The plaque erroneously states that the church was established in 1915. I have yet to locate a photograph of the building.

The memorial to the church which was unveiled in 2007. Photographer: Arthur Garland

A notice of the church's opening - The Mercury - November 1917


Daily Post, Thursday 8 November 1917, page 4
The Mercury, Friday 9 November 1917, page 2
The Mercury, Friday 9 November 1917, page 6

Tasmanian Catholic, Volume 3, Issue 5, 2007



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