No. 1446 - Launceston - Margaret Street Methodist Parsonage (1872)

This article is one of a series about buildings associated with Tasmania’s historical churches. These buildings include Sunday schools, parish halls, convents, schools and residences of the clergy. Ancillary buildings are often overlooked and rarely feature in published histories. My aim is to create a simple record of these buildings, including of those that no longer exist.

There is little information available about the old Wesleyan Methodist parsonage on Margaret Street which situated alongside the former Sunday school building. Increasing work in the Launceston Methodist Circuit led to the appointment of a second minister in 1863 and four years later the circuit accepted the responsibility of a married minister. Rev. N. Bennett. Mr. Isaac Sherwin loaned a house for a parsonage until 1872 when a parsonage was built at a cost of £500.

The parsonage was designed by Harry Conway, who is responsible for many of Launceston’s heritage buildings. The Margaret Street parsonage is heritage listed.

The Margaret Street parsonage

Public notice inviting tenders for construction of the parsonage. Launceston Examiner January 1872

Architect Harry Conway (Weekly Courier)


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