No. 1483 - Devonport - Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

Devonport’s Plymouth Brethren Hall is located on William Street. The Exclusive Christian Brethren, now known as the Plymouth Brethren, originated in Plymouth, Great Britain, in the 1820s. By the mid 19th century the Brethren became established in Australia.

The 'Exclusive Brethren' is a restrictive group which broke away from the original Christian Brethren in 1848. In 2012 the Exclusive Brethren adopted the name 'Plymouth Brethren Christian Church’. Tasmanian Plymouth Brethren churches are part of global organisation with about 50 000 members. The Plymouth Brethren are known for avoiding social interaction with people outside the faith, which has contributed to the denomination being considered a Christian sect.

The Devonport Plymouth Brethren Hall is a typical example of modern functional Brethren Halls being a virtually featureless brick building and very well secured and unaccesible to the public.

With very limited contact with the secular world, information about the Devonport hall is not readily available.

Image: Google Street-view 2023

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