No. 1497 - Dysart - Camp Woodfield Chapel

Dysart is a small settlement in rural district which bears the same name. It lies on the Midlands Highway approximately 40 kilometres north of Hobart. Until about 1875 the area was known as Shepton Monacute. The name Dysart was given to the Parish in 1836. It was taken from the property Dysart Park.

Camp Woodfield was established as a Christian camp by the Church of Christ in the 1960s. In the 1970s the former St Paul’s Anglican church at Strickland, which had closed in 1969, was moved to Woodfield to be used as a chapel.

In 2019 the Woodfield was redeveloped as the Woodfield Adventure Park. In 2023 the property was listed for sale.

The chapel at "Camp Woodfield" - Photograph: Camp Woodfield Facebook page

 Photograph: Camp Woodfield Facebook page

The interior of the Woodfield Chapel. Photograph courtesy of Petrusma Real Estate, Hobart

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